About the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Central Texas
by Bishop Nate Holcomb

The word cathedral often calls to mind opulent churches, replete with rich furnishings and stained-glass windows. Generally adorned with enormous steeples and bells, they are often conspicuously situated.

Many cathedrals, such as Dr. Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral,or Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, are known for their architectural beauty; though that is by no means their primary function. However, to be called a cathedral in the principal sense of the word, requires more than just resplendent beauty and architecture.

The word cathedral derives from the Greek word kathedra which, in its strictest interpretation, simply means "the seat of one with rank or influence."

Thus, certain essential elements bespeak a cathedral; namely, it is the home church and headquarters of the presiding bishop. This bishop has insight to provide oversight, teaching and training, not only for his congregants, but also for ministries and churches under his bishopric.

Moreover, certain things are characteristic of a cathedral. First, a cathedral must have tenure or staying power. In other words, it has been in operation for some duration. Therefore, it has proven itself a suitable mentor and model.

The staying power comes into play because the church not only meets the needs of its congregants, it also helps to meet the needs of the citizens of its community. Many engage in feeding the hungry, preaching the Gospel to the poor, clothing the naked and visiting the sick. Thus, they are known in their communities for their good works.

In times past, the Christian House of Prayer did not ascribe to, nor consider itself, a  “cathedral.” However, closer observation reveals that our works befit the very definition of the word.

For instance, Christian House of Prayer, through our non-profit community service organization, The Refuge Corporation, has been an extension of God’s hand to the Central Texas area for many years. A living parable of the Good Samaritan, our benevolent ministry helps those in need, throughout the year and distributes Thanksgiving food baskets to hundreds of families annually.

We also educate the public through our abstinence and immunization programs. Moreover, our House of Refuge provides shelter for homeless women with children; then assists the women in getting back on their feet again.

Covenant Savings Federal Credit Union offers banking services for our members and affiliates. Additionally, our credit union educates both our members and the general public in regards to financial responsibility.

Another tributary, Sonship School of the Firstborn, provides education and training for those called to the five-fold ministry. Perfect Praise Learning Center and Prep School provides biblical education, and trains young children, both in academics and in character.

Camp Triumph is our youth camp and retreat facility. It will open to the public to provide summer programs for children, and before and after-school activities.

In addition to pastoring Christian House of Prayer, I am under a mandate to reach the world with the Gospel. One avenue through which my vision is accomplished is Covenant Connections International, Inc. -- a global affiliation of churches and ministries under my bishopric.

It’s All About Him Ministries, through telecasts, radio broadcasts and Covenant Partners Outreach, also helps to promulgate the Gospel. These endeavors are aided by the Video, Tape and Sound ministries.

It’s All About Him Publications transcribes the spoken Word into written form. Aided by the Scribes ministry, this department, prepares and publishes the Word of God.

Him Books Christian Bookstore, assisted by the Bookstore auxiliary, distributes books, tapes, CDs, and DVDs, throughout the world.

Our various auxiliaries range from the arts (Parabole’ Theatrical ministry and the Glorious Praise Dance ministry)-- to the beautification ministry, (which cleans and beautifies the church) --to our parking lot ministry--to the children’s church and infant ministries. These auxiliaries, along with my pastoral staff, the eldership and deaconship of Christian House of Prayer, help to provide edification and service to all involved--contributors and receivers, alike.

Thus, ascribing to the name “cathedral” is not just a matter of semantics, nor is it a play on words. Rather, it is, in fact, because of what we have done and are currently doing. That makes us a functioning cathedral.

“The Cathedral of Central Texas” and “Christian House of Prayer,” are now synonymous terms; we are one and the same. Our name is expanded only to reflect and incorporate our true function. Our purpose, however, remains the same; it is unaltered. “The Cathedral of Central Texas: Christian House of Prayer,” is still All About Jesus; It’s All About Him.